By bike along the Great Silk Road

A fascinating historical-cognitive adventure tour passes along the southern-east part of one of the greatest Asian deserts - the Kyzyl-Kum Desert (Red sand). You will see most ancient and still young cities - Samarkand, Bukhara and Shakhrisabz, visiting round their world-known architectural monuments; get acquainted with the original way of life and traditions of the local people. Wild nature of deserts and mountains is waiting for you. You will pass over the places where through the Great Silk Road once ran, visit places and sites connected to the name of Tamerlane. The bicycle tour is full of exotics, adventures, legends and oriental hospitality.
The length of the active part of the route is 500 km.
The best time for biking is: May to October.


Day 1. Arrival in Tashkent.

Accomodation in hotel.

Day 2   Transfer Tashkent – Djizak – Yangikishlak village – kolkhoz Kirov (200 km, 4 hrs).

The starting point of biking tour. Half day biking along the mountains from kolkhoz Kirov to Ilanchi and Mikhin villages (42 km, 4-5 hrs). Camp under the Saurbel pass. Type of road: lack of roads, asphalt, dirt road.

Day 3 Biking. Passing Saurbel pass (1150m)

Descent to Chakar village then to Garasha via Naukat and Zarmitan. Type of road: asphalt, dirt road.

Day 4 Biking: Zarmitan – Kunaul – Djanbulak – Davlat – Kattakishlak – Djarkurgan villages (56km. 5-6 hrs)

Type of road: asphalt, dirt road.

Day 5   Biking. Djarurgan village – Ahcabsai water reservoir – Urgandji – Ravat – Koktepa – Kadak – Chuya – Chuyaaryk gorge (68 km. 7-8 hrs).

Camp. Type of road: asphalt, dirt road.

Day 6 Biking. Passing Lyangar pass (1850m).

Ascent along the pass (12km) on the dirt road. Then descent to Maidan village. (25 km).Camp (700m).
Type of road: asphalt, dirt road.

Day 7 Biking. Maidan village – Chagirkul – Chinar – Kourai village – up to the plateau (+300m)

Along the plateau (8-10km). Camp (1170km). Type of road: asphalt, dirt road, lack of road.

Day  8   Biking. Plateau – Sarmysh gorge (25km.3 hrs).

Rest and excursion along the gorge. Reviewing of rock paintings  - more then 3500 petrogliphs of late Stone-age.Camp (700m). Type of road: asphalt, dirt road.

Day 9 Biking. Sarmysh gorge – Kalkanata village – Nurata village. (74 km. 5-6 hrs).

Type of road: asphalt, dirt road, lack of the road.
Visiting Hasan-Husan mosque (XVI-XVII), farrier work-shop, potteries, sacred reservoir with fish. Visiting Khasan Nuri madrasah  and Namazgoh mosque (XIV c.) and remainders of Aleksander Makedonskiy fortress. Transfer to yurt camp in the Kyzyl-kum desert. (120 km., 1,5 hrs)

Day 10  Camel riding to Aydarkul lake. Rest. Transfer to Bukhara.

Day 11, Day 12       Full day sightseeing in Bukhara:

Visiting Samanid’s Mausoleum (IX-X cc.), Chashma Ayub Mazar (graveyard) (XIV-XIX cc.), Poi-Kalan complex (XII-XVI cc.), Ulugbek madrassa (it that was built by grandson of Tamerlan – Ulugbek – distinguished mathematician and astronomer), Lyabi-Hauz complex (XVI-XVII cc.), Sitorai Mokhi Khosa – “Palace of Moon and Stars” – summer residence of Bukhara Emir (XIX c.), Bolo Khauz mosque, Ark - ancient fortress (VI-VII cc.).

Extension sightseeing: Sitorai Mokhi Khosa – “Palace of Moon and Stars” – summer residence of the last Bukhara Emir (XIX c), Bolo Khauz mosque, c.). Complex Bakhoutdin Nakshbandy (so-called Central Asian Mecca). Necropolis Chorbakhar.

Day 13

Transfer Bukhara – Shahrisabz (275 km. 6 hrs). Half day sightseeing. Biking to Samarkand via Tahtakaracha pass (2250m) (30-75km, 2-6 hrs). Accomodation in hotel.

Day 14

Full day sightseeing (possible do it by bike).

Visiting of Guri-Emir mausoleum, Rukhabad necropolis (XV c.); Registan complex (XVII c.), Bibi-Khanum cathedral mosque (XV c.), Ulugbek observatory (XV c.), Shakhi-Zinda mausoleums ensemble, Al-Bukhari complex (XVI-XIX cc.), bazaar.

Day 15

Transfer SamarkandTashkent (340 km, 5 hrs) and then – to the Irtash village via Angren (120km. 3hrs).
The staring point of biking from the Irtash village - Kyzylcha Sai (8-10 km, 1-1,5 hrs, + 400 m). Camp (1 500 ì). Type of road: asphalt, dirt road, lack of the road.

Day 16

Biking along Kyzykcha Sai river up to the Angren plateau (22 km, 4-5 hrs.) (+ 950 m). Camp (2 450 m).
Type of road: asphalt, dirt road, lack of the road.

Day 17

Biking along the Kelimchek Sai plateau to the thermal spring Arashan (32 km, 6 hrs) (- 400 m, + 350 m, - 300 m, + 400 m). Camp (2 750 ì ). Type of road: asphalt, lack of the road.

Day 18

Biking Zarmitan village – Kunaul – Djanbulak – Davlat – Kattakishlak.    Biking and hiking up hill .

Day 19

Descent to the Ahangaran river canyon. Walking near the river (8km., 2-3 hrs.) Biking along the river to the Sarydala village (10 km. 5 hrs.). Transfer to Tashkent. Hotel. Farewell dinner.

Day 20

Half day sightseeing. Free time.

Day 21


General distance of biking tour: 570 km (including 25% along lack of roads). Max.altitude: 2800m.