Sukok Mountains

sukok mountains
On route we saw items such as: extensive fields, orchards and vineyards, cities, towns and villages, mountain villages, flowering foothills, unique vegetation, canals and rivers, mountain streams, smooth stones, juniper and mountain forests, white cliffs bizarre...

7:30 – 9:30  Meeting in Tashkent – «Sukok» village

Group meets at the appointed place, being necessary instructions. A car traveling the road through the villages Dzhumabazar, Namdank, Jambul (Kangly) Namdanak, Shampan. On the way we see vast fields, cross the river Karasu, and after the settlement Dzhumabazar begin hills (adyrs), where in spring you can see many beautiful ephemeral vegetation. We pass the ancient village Namdanak characterized in a different tone. Further, extensive farming, where the grapes are grown, and in the village of Champagne, you can see a lot of vineyards. Village Sukok directly adjacent to the mountains, and at the very end, the team goes out and begins a modest recovery.

9:30 – 12:30  Village «Sukok» - Forestry «CHRES»

Here, close to the village Sukok, adjoins extensive forestry "Chatkal Mining Reclamation Experimental Station" in the NII "Schroeder", where the vast territory grows set of trees. Artificial forest was planted long ago, and currently staff the economy is constantly produce work for the landing of the new seedlings, and protection of the natural complex. First dirt road leads through the forest, among which dominates Crimean pine. In the center of the forest, there are several houses for employees of the station. Gradually the trail climbs a ridge, where the shadow of a small grove uryukovoy can make a halt. After dinner, you can walk to the so-called "singing cave".

12:30 – 15:00  «Singing cave» - Meeting forest

The cave is a small hole in the wake of right-bank tributaries Sukoksay. The cave is very small, and pushed his head into it, you can hear the noise of water, which boils deep underground. A few meters below, begins withdrawals - here the water is pulled out from under the ground. Next comes our way to the next section of the forest. Must go up a bit, and traverse the path around two small ridges. Area is dominated by the plantation of the same Crimean pine. Also, here, and many others, is not peculiar to our region plants. Employees' Chatkal Mining ameliorative Experimental Station " in the "Schroeder’s Institute" is constantly working on acclimatization of new species. After becoming acquainted with the forest, the group returned back to apricot grove.

15:00 -  16:00  Apricot grove – short walking up the range

After the tour to the cave and forest area, recreation will be organized. At the request of tourists, you can make a little walk up the ridge, through a small rocky area. It holds great expanses of mountains Sukok. A little further north, one of the ridges, another apricot grove are lying.

16:00 – 17:30  Forestry «CHRES» - Village «Sukok»

Way back in the village "Sukok" will be the same way, and at the beginning of the group once again passes through an extensive forestry "Chatkal Mining Reclamation Experimental Station" in the Institute "Schroeder", where in light of the evening sun wood painted in other colors. Upon emerging from the forest, the village begins "Sukok", where you can see evening life of the village, with its unique color and ethnography. Clay houses, pets, women wash clothes in the river, kids romping in the streets.

17:30 – 19:00  Departure to Tashkent

Departure with the vehicles goes along the same route, and along the route through the hills and foothills of the "Karakay", you can do a lot of interesting snapshots - the place is very picturesque

Price for 1-day hiking includes only our mountain guide services – 50$ per guide. (2 guides for 10-20 pax. 3 guides for 20+ pax).

Cost does not include lunch and mineral water for clients.

On pre-request, guide can organize gas ballons, for boiled water and tea.

We wish you nice holidays!!!