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Our camps - "Aydar" Yurt Camp

"Aydar" Yurt Camp

"Aydar” Yurt Camp is located 7 km from the western shore of Aydarkul Lake, near the lost in the sands village which is in the heart of the Kyzyl Kum desert and 60 km from a small center district, called Nurata. The camp was organized by Alexander Syrymov, the "pioneer" of Camel safari which is considered to be relatively new type of tourism in Uzbekistan. A 15 years of experience in this area …

Our camps - Base camp at Lenin Peak

Base camp at Lenin Peak

“Lenin Peak” Base Camp situated on picturesque glade in 280 km far from Osh, is 3550 meters high and it is one of the biggest operative Base Camps in Achik Tash area. From there on any further movement towards Lenin Glacier and Lenin Peak is done on foot and by trail first to Puteshestvennikov pass, then along the Lenin glacier up to Camp 1. Camp 1 is situated on the moraine of Lenin glacier …

Our camps - Alpine camp Artuch

Alpine camp Artuch

Climbing-tourist camp "Artuch” is situated in the heart of the Fan Mountains at altitude of 2200 meters. We will be glad to see as long-time friends and those who want to have incredible adventure, seeking the brightest and unforgettable impressions of the meetings. The territory of the camp is 15 acres of land covered with alpine meadows, where the river «Chill Chashma» starts. The …

Our camps - Yurt Camp Taldyk

Yurt Camp Taldyk

Our yurt camp “Taldyk” is located at 140th km of Pamir Highway (3-4 hours drive from Osh) in picturesque shady grove (2250 m). The apposite location makes “Taldyk” an attractive place for tourists and alpinists, who travel to Lenin Peak (7134 m), further to China via Irkeshtam pass or to Tajikistan along Pamir Highway, in addition to Alay Valley, Alay and Zaalay ridges. Yurt …