Alpine camp Artuch

Climbing-tourist camp "Artuch” is situated in the heart of the Fan Mountains at altitude of 2200 meters. We will be glad to see as long-time friends and those who want to have incredible adventure, seeking the brightest and unforgettable impressions of the meetings. The territory of the camp is 15 acres of land covered with alpine meadows, where the river «Chill Chashma» starts.

The camp also has guides,  interpreters, doctors and cooks, the necessary equipment and donkeys. "Artuch" can seat up to 300 people. There are 2 and 4-bed cottages with all you can need first class dining room, banquet hall, rental equipment, sauna, swimming pool, shower, billiards room.

"Artuch" provides various travel directions - professional rock climbing, mountaineering, tours of historical sites associated with ethnography, archeology and life of the peoples of Tajikistan and Central Asia.

There are beautiful, natural Rock climbing place in 20 minutes from “Artuch”, where any-level climbers can train themselves. This is ideal opportunity for sport improvement in comfort. The base is ready to accept all comers: from family groups of athletes to the highest level of the Republic of Tajikistan, CIS and other countries.

Tourist routes run to the lakes Iskanderkul, Kulikalon, Alaudin, Allo, Marguzonskim. The are many ways to reach the camp - from Khujand, from Dushanbe (the pass Anzob) and Samarkand (Uzbekistan), crossing the border near Penjikent.

The fastest and most comfortable route to the camp "Artuch" passes through Samarkand (Uzbekistan), where “Artuch Samarkand” camp is ready to serve you. In this camp you can relax, swim and sleep well before the start of mountain travel. Since its establishment, nearly 40 years ago, these 2 camps have traditionally worked in a bunch – upper "Artuch" in Fans and lower “Artuch” in Samarkand. And now, despite the border between the two bases, they continue their joint work as before, giving their guests a

high-quality service at reasonable prices.

“Artuch” has:

- Own transport: Ural, minibuses, jeeps;

- Cottages with 2 double rooms for 32 persons;

- Blocks with 4-and 6-Room for 250 people;

- Medical post;

- Sauna, swimming pool, shower;

- Excellent dining room, banquet hall, bar;

- Non-stop shop;

- Equipment for rent.

Our company «Asia Travel» is the exclusive partner of “Artuch" in Central Asia. We will gladly arrange for you any type of holiday, as in the Fan Mountains, as in this city - trekking and walks around the camp, sightseeing in Samarkand and transportation services, corporate evenings and holiday in the mountains - including New Year!

Camp works from May 1st to October 1st.