Base camp at Lenin Peak

“Lenin Peak” Base Camp situated on picturesque glade in 280 km far from Osh, is 3550 meters high and it is one of the biggest operative Base Camps in Achik Tash area.  From there on any further movement towards Lenin Glacier and Lenin Peak is done on foot and by trail first to Puteshestvennikov pass, then along the Lenin glacier up to Camp 1.
Camp 1 is situated on the moraine of Lenin glacier at the altitude of 4400 meters

above sea level and it is one of the biggest and the most comfortable Camps on Lenin

Glacier at the moment.

Сamps‘ equipment:

Kyrghyz national yurts (mess-rooms for having meals, relaxation and amusements) expect you in both camps. Yurts are equipped with stoves, necessary furniture (tables and benches), electricity, sound and video equipments, also a bar with bear, tea, coffee, stiff and cool drinks, snacks and so on.

In both Camps tourists are usually accommodated in spacious tents (2 and 3 persons per tent) put upon woody pallets and kurpacha‘s (Kyrghyz national mattresses).

At your service there is also a sweating-room, which functions every afternoon and evening.

There are also pit toilets in both Camps (in Base Camp there is a city version of toilets –they are equipped with waste tanks; in Camp 1 there is field version). They are always kept perfectly sanitary clean (daily cleansed with antibacterial agents). Convenient facilities for washing with warm water, soap and mirror are in each Camp.

At your service there are cloak-rooms in both Camps. Administration of Camp accounts for your luggage safety.
Both Camps are equipped with surgeries where there are all necessary medical supplies including oxygen facilities for giving you high quality first aid assistance. Experienced doctor reanimator with high-altitude work experience can give you high quality aid assistance at any time. He is responsible for examining, advising you about your health during the tour.

The pride of our Camps is a special high-altitude rescue team capable of rendering most diverse rescue services including transportation at altitudes above 7000 m. Registration of climbers in special ascent book is required. We‘ll also give you a certificate when you descend.

We provide you 3 times hot meal that consist of as minimum 2 hot dishes, 2 vegetable salads, fruit desserts, tea or coffee (as you wish). Vegetarian meal and custom-built meal are also provided. Professional cooks who‘d worked in restaurants no less than 10 years now work in our Camps.

You will also be able to get a satellite phone connection, Internet, radio communication, buy new/recharged your gas canisters, or recharge batteries for your cameras and videos, rent outfit, also use high-altitude guide-consultant‘s and porters‘ services.