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Our Transport - VIP and Business class transport

VIP and Business class transport

"Mercedes 230 classic" (up to 3 seats) As you know the name "Mercedes" is the symbol of impeccable quality, reliability, security and respectability. That person, who accustomed to the best, hardly refuses to himself the pleasure trip with maximum comfort. It doesn’t matter for us where you will go, any point as you wish. "Mercedes-Benz Elegant 600" (up to 3 seats) All the meanders of the car …

Our Transport - Bus


"Mitsubishi Coaster" (up to 18 seats) Are you going to have a trip, or may be do you want to have excursion around the city or moving to nature? Excellent! You have only to choose the transport! And let us introduce you micro bus "Coaster". This companionable “fellow” will ensure you pleasant impressions from the trip. Toyota Coaster (up to 24 seats) The Toyota Coaster car can be shortly …

Our Transport - Minivans


"Hunday Starex" (up to 5 seats) Hunday Starex – is a minivan with middle level can take max 6 persons, Starex is equipped with air condition, soft seats and ideally suitable for middle company of travelers. "Hunday Grand Starex" (up to 6 seats) Hunday Grand Starex – is ideal decision for travelers with plenty of baggage, which can be kept in the salon and on the roof of the minivan. Your …

Our Transport - Sedans


“Nexia” (up to 3 seats) Car “Nexia” is already known as loyal friend and irreplaceable assistant. Stylish, fast and refined citizen” Nexia” can move around the city and its outside. The salon of this oriental beauty is exclusively soft and comfortable. You will have such a pleasant and comfort trip, that you will not notice the finishing your trip from point A to …