"Hunday Starex" (up to 5 seats)

Hunday Starex – is a minivan with middle level can take max 6 persons, Starex is equipped with air condition, soft  seats and ideally suitable for middle company of travelers.

"Hunday Grand Starex" (up to 6 seats)

Hunday Grand Starex – is ideal decision for travelers with plenty of baggage, which can be kept in the salon and on the roof of the minivan. Your trip will be comfortable with the help of air condition and two hatches.

"Sang Yоng Istana" (up to 7 seats)

Sang Yоng Istana – it has 9 seats, seat for guide.
There are Air condition, CD player, headrests, armrests and adjustable seats in the van. The first passenger seats line can turn 180°. The salon’s lighting is fluorescent "daylight" or a soft pink light as you wish.

"Sang Yоng Istana" (up to 9 seats)

Sang Yоng Istana – is comfortable minivan with tourist class and can take max 11 persons. Minivan is equipped with two stoves, air condition, CD player and it is soft and convenient for moving tourists with a long distance.

"Mercedes Sprinter" (up to 15 seats)

Mercedes Sprinter – is comfortable mini bus, and it has recommended to itself as a good mini bus of Central Asia roads. Mercedes Sprinter is well used for long distance and crossing the dessert. This mini bus has convenient seats and spacious salon. During your trip you will be convinced by power of German Auto Industry.