“Nexia” (up to 3 seats)

Car “Nexia” is already known as loyal friend and irreplaceable assistant. Stylish, fast and refined citizen” Nexia” can move around the city and its outside. The salon of this oriental beauty is exclusively soft and comfortable. You will have such a pleasant and comfort trip, that you will not notice the finishing your trip from point A to point B.

"Daewoo Lacetti" (up to 3 seats)

The automobile with its improved comfort has the wide salon with big and comfortable seats. This car is optimal as for

businessmen and travelers, maximum 3 passengers. The soft seats which are made of velour and interior salon together give us comfort during the long way. Power and maneuverability of the car will not make have patience during excursion or discussing any deals about business.

"Toyota Land Cruiser" (up to 3 seats)

The strong, reliable and fearless it’s jeep Toyota "Land Cruiser".     Rain, wind, hot weather and bad roads aren’t impediments for this car. It is invincible and extremal. This car is for worthy real man, who likes adventures and ardor. Do you want to achieve dessert or mountain declivities? So, let’s go the knights without fear and reproach! About the car, which you will choose for your trip around Uzbekistan, we can say confidence: “My car is my fortress!”