Iski Farish

Location: Jizak region Farishskiy district

Guesthouse owner: Habib Turdiev

Guesthouse “Porasht” that is located in Iski Farish district opened recently. Here there were no guests, but a great desire of guesthouse owners to work in tourism and a rather high level of their training was a key to high quality service.

There are two guest rooms and three topchans in the guesthouse. All fruits and vegetables that are served to tourists are grown here. There are also outside shower and toilet in the guesthouse.  Simultaneously, this guest house can take up to eight tourists. Throughout the village there is a mobile communication (mobile phone operator MTS) working. This house can be an excellent staging point for tourists, exhausted from long journeys who want to relax before their upcoming trip to other guest houses of Nuratian Mountains or back into the city.

Despite the small distance from the city, guest house "Porasht" replete with possible travel routes. Here, tourists can have a walk for a beautiful valley, through which a mountain river flows and enjoy the cool water springs, as well as communicate with the hospitable people of the Farish village. Great possibility is a trip to the farm (10km from the guesthouse), owned by the guesthouse owner Habib Turdiev. There, tourists can get in touch with the work of local farmers, to see how they make a cheese, butter, yoghurt, etc.

Traditional handicrafts, ornaments "Suzane", "Pashto" are made in the guest house “Porasht”.