Rachima’s guesthouse

Location: 50 km along main road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 6 km into the mountains
Owner: Gulmurod Zarifullaev, Rachima Zarifullaeva
Rachima’s guesthouse is located beautifully in a lush green river valley. Like most houses in the village it is built entirely from local materials and surrounded by a big garden. There are two simple, neat and clean guest rooms, in the main house. Gulmurod is able to accommodate up to six visitors. An outdoor reed fenced shower and a long-drop with a comfortable seat are available. On a hot day a water reservoir in front of the house invites guests for a dip. In the vicinity of the guesthouse there is a mountain spring that provides the family with drinking water. In the beautiful shady garden there are two tapchans for visitors to eat, relax or even sleep upon. Rachima’s family produces kurpachas (traditional sleeping mattress). The delicious dishes offered in the guesthouses are prepared from locally grown products.

Rachima’s guesthouse is a perfect starting point for mountain hikes. One of the slightly more demanding hikes leads you to a small mountain lake (Fazilman). Especially in springtime the view from the ridged peaks of the Nuratau Mountains to the flower covered plains, is an unforgettable experience. On the hike you will come across steep mountain gorges and waterfalls and you might have a chance see some of the huge birds of prey, such as Golden Eagles, Eurasian Griffons or Lammergeyers. Some historical sites like ancient rock paintings, a mosque and ruins of old villages are worth visiting. Sentyab is also an ideal place to get some rest, sit in the shade of a walnut tree, drink tea and read a book.