Along the environs of Yangiаbad

По окрестностям Янги Обода.По окрестностям Янгиабада, зона отдыха Янгиабад, Узбекистан Янгиабад, Янгиабад Ташкентская область

Along the environs of Yangiаbad.

1 day. Transfer from Tashkent to Yangiаbad. Accommodation in apartments (lodgings).
2 day. Passage along the watershed ridge of Kattasay and Djakindek rivers to the birch grove. Overnight in tents. 
3 day. Passage over Chilten pass (2430 m.) to the canyon of Cholten river. Descend to the valley of Dukentsay river. Bathing in cold river. Meeting with a car. Departure to Tashkent.