Complex of Pir Siddiq (XVIII century)

Комплекс Пир-Сиддик, МаргиланThe memorial where according to legend saint Pir Siddiq was buried, received a popular nickname of "Kaptarlik» which means "Pigeon", was built in the middle of XVIII century. Eventually, it turned into an ensemble that includes a mosque, courtyard with a tomb, a minaret, darvozahona and a dovecote.

With the name of Pir Siddiq associated a legend, which says that once the holy man, hiding from persecution infidels, took refuge in a cave, waiting for an inevitable death, but God, knowing the righteous of an old man, sent him pigeons to the aid. Clever birds platted their nests at the entrance to the cave, concealing completely that holy person from the eyes of pursuers. People, chasing him, run up to the entrance and saw nothing but sitting peacefully pigeons in their nests. Having decided that whether a man be here, none of the birds would behave so calmly, the pursuers retreated. Since then, the local population worships pigeons.

Architectural design and construction of the complex is interesting a lot. There is a traditional aivan with four range dovecote above it behind the portal-dome darvozahona. Further, in the eastern part of the ensemble a mosque overlooking the street and minaret were built. Then, a little farther there is actually a mausoleum itself in the interior of courtyard.

From the all of the art features, attention is drawn to the characteristic Ferghana portal of the mausoleum, representing a screen as a decorated wall, framed by slender columns. Columns are crowned with lightweight dome lights, towering far above the portal. There is the entrance doorway in the center of the portal decorated with a lancet niche. A skillful Ganj craving dominates in the decoration of the mausoleum.