Madrassah of Said Ahmad Khoja (XIX century)

В Маргилане - медресе Саид Ахмад-ходжаMadrassah of Said Ahmad Khoja, built in Margilan in the late XIX century is a square yard of 32,5 x 32,5 meters,  in depth of which a mosque with asymmetric aivan is constructed. Along the perimeter, the yard is surrounded by khujdras that are overlained by arched vaults.

A dense shade of ancient plane trees and flowing through the yard a large ditch, give a cool to this place, even during the most intense heat.

An architectural structure of the mosque is also very interesting. The building, constructed of brick, erected by the people who were obviously familiar with Russian equipment. Thus, the ceiling in the mosque does not have the traditional vertical supports, as it is suspended to the wooden trusses, which is absolutely not typical architecture for such buildings. The decor of the building is also unusual. The mosque of Said Ahmad Khoja is one of the few in the Ferghana Valley which has non-traditional colors in decorating the ceiling of the hall and aivan.медресе Саид Ахмад-ходжи

Today, in a remarkably preserved khujdras of Madrassah, settled master dealing with gold embroidery, satin carpet weaving, the manufacturing of jewelry, metal and wood products.