Souvenir Factory of “Yodgorlik”

Сувенирная фабрика Margilan silk factory was founded in 1972 year and at that time became the largest place of production in the Ferghana Valley, up to1993 year it remained in state ownership, and in 2000 year, it became a private enterprise of "Yodgorlik”.

450 people are involved into the process of production, most of whom are women. The company has a fairly simple structure of production: plant for silk thread production, winding shop, the department of the production of weaving basis, weaving department, carpet weaving and engineering department.

Each month the company produces up to 6000 meters of various fabrics, 60% of which is natural silk, 25% is semi-cotton and semi-silk fabrics and 15% of cotton fabrics.
Natural silk fabrics - khan-atlas and shoyi are used to be divided into different types depending on the method of dyeing and manufacturing technology. Also a semi-silk fabrics are produced here: adras, snipe, jujincha, which have a cotton weft thread (cross thread weave), and silk thread only in basis.

Nowadays, the factory cooperates with foreign partners from Germany, Russia, India, Iran and South Korea.Сувенирная фабрика

Perhaps all this would not be so interesting without one fact - all the processes at the factory are made by hand, and many of them are by ancient technologies. A fascinating tour awaits for the visitors of this production, where you will be able to see the full cycle from the unwinding of the cocoon up to silk samples at the output.
Tourists if they desire, have the opportunity to buy a segment of fabrics or product they liked.