Madrassah of Mullah-Kyrgyz

This Madrassah was built in the downtown in the early XX century under the leadership of a talented architect named Usto Kyrgyz.
Among the local population there is a lot of legends connected with the talent of the architect who built such a Madrasah. One of them says that once the great Usto drank tea and watched from afar the work of the student who tried to build a wall. Seeing the error, he corrected the helper, but unfortunately, he could not grasp how to put a brick. Then the master threw a brick from the place he sat and it took the right position, although Usto was at a considerable distance.
Madrasah is an irregular pentahedron surrounded by khujdras, which was due to topography of the land. Covered with domes, the mosques and darshona were constructured to be built together, that breaks a little the symmetry of the main facade, which is also decorated with portal-domed entrance. In the depth of the structures a small minaret can be seen. Architecture of the main facade emphasizes the lancet arcade, highlighting a clear rhythm of hujras. For decoration of the portal the mosaic of blue, green, white and yellow flowers is widely used.