Kalta Minaret (1855)

Minaret Kaltar minar (short) was conceived as the largest in the whole Muslim East (diameter of bottom - 14.2m.). But the building was halted at a height of 29m. The construction was not finished because of the Khan’s death in 1855. The minaret was to become so tall that “one could see Bukhara from it.” The minaret diameter rapidly reduces with height which makes it ever steadier; it was planned to be 70 till 80 meters high. According to the legend, the Emir of Bukhara, when he learned about the construction of a unique minaret in Khiva, decided to build a similar one in Bukhara and made an agreement with the craftsman that he will do it after completing his current job. Khiva’s Khan learned about it and gave an order to kill the craftsman immediately after the construction was finished. The craftsman picked up this news and fled leaving the minaret unfinished. The minaret is unique both due to its size and unusual decor. It is the only minaret entirely covered by a set of glazed bricks and majolica.