Siab Bazaar

Siab Bazaar

Like any orient city, Samarkand is simply obliged to have its famous bazaar! And there is one in Samarkand a unique and amazing.

We will begin with, the current urban market - Siab, located at the historic site between the mosque of Bibi Khanum complex and Shokhi Zinda, a short walk from the Registan. From times immemorial, this place was the center of social life of the townspeople, folk festivals were organized here, buying – selling was here, currency was exchanged; shops of craftsmen and artisans, ganch carvers, engravers, jewelers and ceramists were also here.

Looking at today's Siab market, it seems that nothing has changed. Of course, eventually historic buildings lost, but not city’s spirit. The same money-changers, the same farmers and farm workers - shop assistants, the same ranks of craftsmen are there. Like any self-respecting bazaar, Siab - is the embodiment of abundance of goods, trade fervor, talent, street artists and a warm atmosphere of teahouses located around shopping malls.

But there is something that will not let to confuse Samarkand Siab Bazaar with any other - it ranks with the famous Samarkand bread, seventeen species are sold here. Traditional Uzbek bread - pastil, baked in a clay oven - tandir has a round shape resembling a disk of the sun. In Samarkand, cakes are quite special. What is the reason for that may be that is Samarkand air according the legend, or mastery of bakers who came from the village of Gala-Osie, but the famous Samarkand pastil turns out very tasty, fluffy, thick, heavy, beautifully decorated, generously sprinkled with cumin and sesame seeds and has a property for a long time does not grow stale (they say for 3 years). And if you want to take away from Samarkand, something truly original, go to the Siab bazaar, and take pastils you liked for yourselves, your good friends.