Madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh

Medresse Abulkassim
This medresse is considered to be one of the biggest architectural monument of Beshyoghoch daha resulting from many years of experience, successes and traditions of Middle Ages architecture, it was built in harmony with Muyi Muborak khonaqo by Abulkassim eshon. Despite its newness Abulkassim medresse is one of the most imposing historical buildings of the city. Situated in the southern part of “Old Tashkent” not far from the former Beshyoghoch gates, it is reminiscent of Tashkent’s ancient architecture. In contrast to this reflection of ancient architecture, the Abulkassim medresse is surrounded by the contemporary design of the Palace of Istiqlol (Independence) with its extensive square and modern day monument and apartment buildings.

The Abulkassim medresse is a monument to Abulkassimkhan who was regarded as a great intellectual of his time. He is described in the ethnological material of 1908 by N.Ostroumov as “among the most honorable residents of Tashkent… who enjoyed wide popularity not only in Tashkent but also in suburbs”. He paid about thirty thousand roubles for the construction of the medresse, and every year he paid for the education of 150 peoples. He died in 1892 during a cholera outbreak.