Ferghana pilaf (kovurma palov)

1 kg of rice, 500 grams of meat (beef or lamb), 250 grams of vegetable oil (preferably cotton) or mutton fat, 500 grams of onion (4-5 medium heads), 500 grams of carrot, salt, spices (pepper, barberry and zra - up to taste)

To heat cottonseed oil to a white haze, in case you have a mutton fat - to melt down in the kazan and take out the cracklings. Firstly, put a chopped by half rings onion into the boiling oil, and fry until it becomes of brown color. Then, lay the meat cut into slices of 2x3 cm and fry it with the onion until a golden crust. After adding carrot, cut into fine strips, to the kazan, everything should be fried up to be half-ready, stirring occasionally.

Then add the water, so it closes the contents of the boiler, season with spices and bring to a boiling over a moderate heat. After boiling, salt zirvak (base of pilaf, what you are cooking now), reduce the heat and stew it all during 45-50 minutes. When zirvak is ready, rain a washed rice in a even layer, pour the water above the layer of rice on 1,5-2,5 cm, and bring to a boiling. Once the water boils, remove the heat to a very low level. Then pilaf is to be collected in a hill, make small holes and, finally, cover it. Time of evaporation depends on the type of rice, but the average one is considered to be 20-25 minutes.

Remove the cover carefully, to avoid the water gathered beneath it to penetrate into pilaf.

Before serving, pilaf is thoroughly mixed and spread on a large platter, sprinkling it with chopped green onion. Separately, salad of radishes or “achik chuk" (tomatoes, cucumbers and onions) are served.