Samarkand pilaf, separated (safaki palov)

Per 1 kg of rice we take 400 grams of meat (beef or lamb), 400 grams of carrot, 400 grams of onion, 300 grams of fat (vegetable oil or mutton fat), salt and spices are to taste.

Wash rice in a cold water for 3-4 times until the water becomes clean, put the rice in a saucepan with a salted water in 1:1 proportion (1 kg rice, 1 liter of water, 1 teaspoon of salt) to boil. Then let the ready rice, drain well. Carrot is cleaned and cooked together with the meat entirely, and only after it is ready – it is cut sticks, and meat is cut into slices.

In a strongly heated fat, fry a chopped into half rings onion, and after it becomes browned, it pulled out and mixed with boiled carrot and meat.

This dish is served by each portion. Some rice is put into each kasu, then it is poured by heated fat, then the meat, carrot and onion are added, no mixing. A heated fat is poured on the top again and pilaf is ready to serve.