Layered samsa with greens.

This kind of samsa is usually baked in the spring when there is first green. That is also used to be a favorite treat at Navruz holiday (Eastern New Year).
Make a puff pastry, as it was described in the first recipe.
Stuffing consists of 1 kilogram, taken in equal parts: the onion, mint, purslane, young alfalfa, spinach, shepherd's purse, and sorrel. Although the exact canon of the collection does not exist, therefore, put all that to your taste.
We shall wash up all the grass and cut it all shallow enough. In the cauldron a half cup of vegetable oil is to be warmed and put the greens in order to stew. In the process of stewing a liquid from green is educed. When it all evaporated, turn off the fire, stuffing is ready. Cool it, then put salt and pepper.
Cut the dough and roll it out. Put the stuffing, and now the most important thing is to be done. Do not forget to put a piece of dumbo into each samsa.
Samsa is to be formed in the form of triangles. There is no big deal. Put the stuffing in the middle of lush and bend three of its sides to the center. In a way curled edges down, put the baking onto pan. Smooth with egg, sprinkle with sesame and Nigella.
Bake on medium heat for 30 minutes.