Layered samsa with meat.

Dough: 3 cups of high quality flour, 2 eggs, 200 grams of fat (any you can find), 100 grams of cold boiled water, soda, salt.
Stuffing: 500 grams of mutton flesh (beef), 150 grams of dumbo (sheep visceral fat), 500 grams of onions and spices.

Sift flour into a bowl and make a mound of it. Pour 2 eggs in a glass, add water, put 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of salt all vigorously shake. The fat melts in the pan and 2 / 3 of it pour into the flour, eggs with water are also laid there, all this is well kneaded. The resulting dough is rolled into a large reservoir of 0,5 cm and smooth it abundantly with the remains of oil. Twisting it into a tight roll and put into a package. Then send it in the fridge for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, prepare stuffing. Meat is cut into small pieces approximately 1,5 x1, 5cm, dumbo can be a little bigger. A medium-sized onion is cut into cubes. Add also salt, pepper, ground coriander and cumin seeds. All this is to be thoroughly mixed.
We get the dough from the refrigerator and cut it into ten equal cylinders. Each of them is to be rolled out into a circle with a diameter of 12-15 cm. Try to roll out the edges of the circle thinner than the middle. Put beef in 2 tablespoons. After that, we collect the edges over the meat, to get the sack. On a greased in advance baking sheet should be laid samsa with a collected part down, getting the hemisphere. Wet the surface with egg and sprinkled it with a roasted sesame seeds or Nigella.
Put it for baking during 40 minutes in a heated to 200 degrees oven.