Layered samsa with pumpkin

It is an autumn or winter version of samsa, the season for the favorite vegetable.
Actually, here we are only interested in filling, because the most successful version of the puff pastry is which is described in details above.
For filling take almost the kilogram of pumpkin, 2 onions (if desired) and 200 grams of dumbo, salt and pepper. Pumpkin peeled and finely cut, add the chopped into cubes onion and chopped into small cubes dumbo, salt (and sometimes add sugar), pepper.
Roll out the dough, do not forget to make the edge thinner than the midway of the pieces, spread stuffing, forming triangles (method described above). Spread on the oven-tray, smooth with egg and sprinkle with sesame.
Bake samsa for 30 minutes on medium heat.

Bon Appetite!