House of Abdullaevs

House of Abdullaevs
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Location: 13, Dilshat Str., Margilan town

Description: a beautiful guesthouse of Abdulaevs is situated in picturesque makhala (private sector) of Margilan town. The house was built in 1975. In 1992 it was extended. The last repair was made in 2004. The whole house is decorated in Uzbek national style. There are 5 spacious rooms for guest service. Three of them are double, one - single and one - triple. You also can find there a roomy hall with TV-set.A patio of the house is surrounded by living spaces from the all four sides. These spaces include lots of room for guests and the family. Some of these rooms have separate entrance from the patio. A comfortable topchan (a place for having rest and food taking) makes the patio cozier. And the huge vineyard gives shadow and cool.

Azam-aka, a householder, Gulnara-opa, his wife, Matluba-opa, his mother and Akzamkhon, his son is living in the house at present time. Azam-aka is a director of "Yodgorlik" factory, a famous souvenir factory producing silk articles. With a great pleasure he organizes excursions for guests around premises of the factory.

Upon tourist's desire lunch and/or dinner can be ordered.

Number of rooms: 1 Single, 3 Duble, 1 Triple rooms

Hotel services:

  • Parking

Room facilities:

  • Bath
  • Kitchen
  • Local TV
  • Touch-tone Phone