Ulugbek Hotel

Ulugbek Hotel
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Location: 23, Alpomish Str.

Reference points: 13a, F.Khodjaev Str., Termez

Description: Ulugbek Hotel is located at the administrative centre of Termez city. It takes 10 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel (the distance is 10 kilometers)

The Hotel was built in July 2006. The hotel is a three-floor building. The hotel rooms are roomy, illuminated by natural light and provided by the high ceilings (up to 4 meters). There is the shower, the bath and air conditioner "winter-summer" in every room. During cold period of the year the hotel boiler provides heat to all rooms.

At present there are 37 rooms at the hotel. All rooms of the hotel are provided by cold and hot water 24/7.

The cafe-bar and restaurant work at the hotel. The breakfast fee is included into the charge.
Lunch fee is US$ 5; dinner fee is US$ 5.
The laundry and the parking lot are provided too.

Number of rooms: 37

Hotel services:

  • Bar
  • Cafe
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Restaurant

Room facilities:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Bath
  • Shower