Ak-Saray palace

Timur’s captured Khoresm masters conceived the first Timurid monumental architectural building, Ak-Saray, the white palace, white symbolizing the nobleman’s color. Today the flanks of the entrance arc to what has been described by Clavijo in all its XIV century splendor, still stand tall.
According to legend, Abdullah Khan, the Bukhara Emir, on an official visit, approached the city. Ak Saray appeared on the horizon. The white palace stood like a gigantic mirage and the Emir, spurring on his best horse, was fooled into thinking he would reach the entrance gate in no time. Having thoroughly exhausted his horse but still not having arrived at his destination, the Emir, enraged, ordered Ak-Saray to be destroyed. Nevertheless, even in ruins the palace is still awe inspiring with its two pylons of 98 meters, formerly connected by a 22 meter arc, the widest in Central Asia.