Dzhuma Mosque (the Main Friday Mosque)

The first building of Dzhuma Mosque (the Main Friday Mosque) was built in 1451 at the expense of Sheikh Uboydullo Khodja Ahror (1404-1490).Sheikh Uboydullo Khodja Ahror was born in Bogiston village near to actual Charvak Lake. He was a Sufi great mentor, chief of Muslim clergy and descendant from the family of Prophet Muhammad. One of the Sufi Saints Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur (Sheihantaur) belonged to the family of his mother. Uboydullo Ahror was quite young man when he became a head of the Sufi order founded by followers of Bahovutdin Nakshbandy. He noticeably improved their doctrine, and in the middle of 15th c. he became a leader of Muslim clergy of all the State that was inherited from Tamerlane.