The mausoleum of Sheihantaur

The mausoleum (mazar) , repeatedly changed its shape, was erected here in 14th century. It concludes unique, extant up to now sacred Saur of Iskander beside which the gravestone is located. Saurs - coniferous trees of local breed which were lifeless already in XV century. Is believed their origin is connected with the name Alexander the Great, which is very honored in the East as the ancient prophet. Proportions: 16.2 x 9 m., 12.8 m. high. Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur (Sheihantaur) was born at the end of 13th century. He came from the family of Saints (Khodja), who were the offspring of Muhammad prophet. His birth-place was a mountain settlement Bogiston close to actual Charvak Lake. His father, Sheikh Omar, is believed was the direct descendant in the seventeenth generation of the second godly caliph Omar ibn al-Hattab and was the devoted Sufi, one of the followers of dervish Hasan Bulgari.